Mamertino Grillo Ansonica D.O.C.

The Mamertino Grillo-Ansonica DOC  was born in a small vineyard, near the sea, opposite the Aeolian Islands.  The sun, the heat and the cool sea breeze wrap around this wine like a gentle hug.

The wine: Mamertino
Denomination: D.O.C. Mamertino Grillo-Ansonica

Grape Variety: Grillo, Ansonica (or Inzolia)

Type of grapevine: bilateral pruned-spur vines

Agriculture: Organic with use of bio-dynamic treatments, no chemical intervention

Harvest: early in the morning, in small 16-kilo cases.  Hand-picked grapes.

Oenologist: Alessandro Pensabene

Winemaking process: Low temperature gentle press in inert atmosphere with dry ice, clarification through static decantation and fermentation in climate-controlled stainless-steel tanks.

Aging: In stainless steel tanks with batonnage on best sediments.

Colour: Pale yellow with a hint of green

Nose: Varietal and citrusy with a light fruity scent.

Taste: Fresh and fruity

Alcohol: from 12,5% ​​vol to 13,5% vol based on the year of production