Our fertilization systems

Horn Manure

Preparation 500, otherwise called Horn Manure, is composed of cow manure inserted into the cavity of a horn  from a cow,  The horn, once full, is buried to be left to ferment during winter.  When it is unearthed,  it has been transformed into humus and it has lost its manure smell, acquiring a noble undergrowth one.  The preparation is dissolved in warm water and activated by means of a particular mixing called dynamization.  Afterwards it is distributed into the soil using a shoulder pump.

Green manure

The main goal of using green manure in vineyards is to improve the soil fertility, but no less important are the many other benefits such as controlling the weeds, the containment of erosions, improving the organic substance content, the structure and the porosity of the soil, promoting biodiversity and the supply of microelements

Earthworm Humus

In the USA it is called “Black Magic”for its exceptional qualities.  Earthworm humus, also known as worm compost, is an organic substance (vegetable waste and manure) transformed by earthworms  into something miraculous for all various crops.  Among the many properties,  it is able to make the soil softer and lighter so that the plant roots can develop more easily, and  it has an excellent ability to retain water therefore guaranteeing an excellent water supply to the plants even when there is a less water  in the soil.