The Cellar

Ours is an artisan wine.  Whoever buys it knows that he is about to take home a product that has been followed and loved by the people who made it.  From the winter pruning, when the alarm clock rings and it is still dark outside, to the summer pruning, under the scorching sun that distorts your sight, with the smell of sulphur that stays with us til evening, when you lie on your pillow thinking with amazement about a plant with such an extraordinary life force, and that every year literally comes back to life; the emotion felt when the first bunch is cut giving start to the grape harvest, the taste of cold pizza at midnight during the long nights spent in the cellar; the sigh of relief after a hitch, the smell of must following the coming and going of friends and relatives fetching it to make mostarda, the hiss of fermentation…  the new vintage in arrival, the others aging, the full barrels.  Finally the excitement at the first labelled bottle, from the stumbles during the first steps to the complete maturity, we have always been with him.